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September 17, 2006


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I am a regular reader of Linda's blog, but didn't know the other. Thanks for the link!

Laura, Ah autumn in France how wonderful for these pictures from la bell and the other. Yes envy has a big head and now I want to be there so much my head is some how out of controll with envy but as you advised we must be humble and dream. I thank you again for bring all this to our attention I've been wanting to go to France ever since I can remember my step grandfather was french blood and incouraged me even as a young girl with records to practice french ect. Since he,s passing along whle now our talks on autumn nights as we sat by a fire he made and our talks of france and going there have long passed but now I have you to bring wonderful dreams of a magical place. I cant wait for you to go and I promiss my head will not grow from envy but happiness in my heart.

Wow! France Belleville is terrific.

Both delicious...

Merci Laura, je rougis. Je suis allée voir le blog de Linda et je le trouve superbe.

Well, merci, and all that. I am honored to be included in your posting. I am in awe of your talent. Linda

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