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September 27, 2006


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ohhh laura! this is exquisite!! * i could really frame it and i wish it were on my walls right now. :)

Wow -- what a confection! And your color palette really suits the texture/playfulness.

Am so excited about your upcoming trip, anticipating what you'll see and what you'll share. Safe travels!

And thanks so much for that comment on Ghost Stop...you made my day.


Thank you, everyone! It was one of the most fun things to draw of them all this month. Chris, I'm glad she's YOUR friend ;D. And I think any of our three daughters could pull off (wait... that doesn't sound right) that dress!

What a gorgeous dress you've draw and I want it too! Stunning and I love the rich colors you used to express the folds and flounce.

This sketch is magnificent. The lines are so graceful and the colors so tempting.
Great work.

"a frolic of a dress" perfect phrase for this perfect sketch. Laura you are our international treasure. Everything about this sketch SINGS! Love it! Wishing you all happy memories in Paris. Sue

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