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February 07, 2007


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Gorgeous as always! I love the book -- and can't imagine how powerful the play must be. Wonderfully expressive work here!

I can't tell you what a pleasure it is (and how gratifying!) to read all of your comments--- and to see how people respond to different drawings more than others. I really enjoyed doing the Jane Holding sketches. The strawberries in plastic bag were also great fun--I love the challenge of tranparency. Susan, you don't have anything recent posted on your blog! Many thanks, one and all, for your interest.

Your sketches from Jane Holding are beautiful. There is so much expression in her face.

Am looking forward to your sketches from Charleston. I thoroughly enjoyed your sketches from Paris and can't wait to see what you'll render in that city.
Drive safe.

Wow, those eyes..looking into the depths...wonderful!

I love the way you give yourself artistic hoops to jump through, Laura. That bag is one I'd really get tangled up in LOL. Your Jane Holding sketches are quite lovely and amazing for the dark. Your latest Face has such an arresting gaze - wonderful. Very much looking forward to more travel sketches!

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