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February 14, 2007


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Thank you very much, all of you! I'm glad the tulips and primula gave you pleasure. There's nothing quite so luscious as watercolors on the (rare) occasion when they do want you want them to do. Anonymouse, I wrote you a poem in return but it bounced when I sent it to the email address linked to your name.

It's paintings like this one which make me want to paint in watercolours again. I just love those luscious saturated and subtle colours.

This is wonderful, as are all of your latest drawings and paintings. Inspiring and makes me want to try my hand at watercolours soon ...!


Bravo pour les couleurs -- ça me donne envie d'aimer la Saint Valentin!
Je suis revenue de mon court voyage en France, et je suis contente de découvrir tout ce que tu as dessiné et peint pendant que j'étais partie.

stunning, fresh, wonderful, alive. Fantastic! thanks.

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