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February 03, 2007


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What lovely budda's so serene and poised!

Ahhh. Sorry I've been seldom seen, but it's been a bit busier than normal in Lori-ville.

One thing I'm quite fascinated with -- your suffusion with color is so complete that even your black-and-white sketches seem full of color to my eye. Must be the spot-on use of value that registers as chroma to me.


the buddha faces are so fabulous, what you convey with so few lines is amazing to see!

Thank you so much, you all! I've been tied up the last few days so am just now here to respond. It's so odd that I unconsciously chose the Buddhalike man to draw after having seen so many Buddhas at the museum. It wasn't until I started to write the narrative attached to these sketches that I noted the similarity. I won't count these as faces because they're not in the right format, but I WILL go back to the museum and draw at least one of them for the faces project, for sure. I'll email answers to Jen and Deborah. Jane, I'd love to join you someday for sketching!

Where in North Carolina do you and Lin live? I'm in the northwest corner of North Carolina right at the state line. I'm thinking you might be from Raleigh? I'd so love to join you for sketching :-) Your work is incredible as always. Such an inspiration!!


Hello L,

Do you take orders for your work?
Hope you are well.

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