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February 11, 2007


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I too am a pencil person but honestly your delivery with a pen is wonderful. I was thinking (while at the gym, walking miles on the treadmill) that I wish I could get together with you and have you teach me the art of drawing a portrait. Oh, I know, I have taken many figure drawing and portrait classes however I thought it would be so nice to have your perspective on things. :) Just a lovely thought in my day and wishful
thinking. XOX

I loved your description of pinching and pulling the shapes out of the pencil work. It puts a whole different perspective on erasing from the standard EDM "Use ink, don't erase" message. I bought a 6B and 8B pencil to see how I liked them but haven't tried them out yet. I'm so happy there's so many different materials, techniques and approaches to experiment with. Also, while your pencil work is more flowing than the ink drawings, I bet once you found your own "Laura" way with the ink you'd be able to make it sing too.

Thanks SO much for all your pencil and pen commentary! It's nice to hear various points of view on topics like this. As for me, I'm going to continue my pencil and brush preoccupation, though I will use pens from time to time, as I always have. I've even thought, in my usual self-governessy way, of making myself use only pen for a month or two, to see where that path takes me. Maybe next year!

I prefer your pencil work. It looks so much more fluid and sensuous. :o)

Oh my. I am jealous in the very best way...

If I had to choose, I would probably pick your pencil drawings because they seem simpler and clearer, although, your pen sketch is hardly shabby. I really liked the way you did the career seminar sketch. I was just sketching at a Beethoven lecture and found myself uninspired seeing only the backs of peoples heads. Yet, you made it very interesting using depth and I don't know what else. I have to re-think my need for having the perfect scene or subject to sketch.

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