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August 09, 2007


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lovely image. so very feminine. Makes me think of the movies from the 1940s and ladies dressing tables....

Thank you, thank you, dear Commenters, one and all. Or is it Commentors. Or is it... . Oh well, you get the idea.
And now to pack!

Good grief! Even your mess looks good! Hope your trip is amazing!!!

Hah! All the commentators beat me to it -- oh, my mess is so much less alluring than yours!

Have tons o' fun, and thanks as always for sharing your brilliant colors.

Your mess looks quite lovely, actually! Enjoy your trip - we're leaving tomorrow as well. See you next month! Can't wait! xoxox

Hope you have a wondeful trip. Love this painting, it's so feminine. The glass shadows and reflections are perfect!

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