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July 02, 2008


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ICELAND?!? you're going to ICELAND?!? Oh, Laura! I'm soooo happy for you (and SOOO jealous!lol) I can't wait to "see" everything you see. Have a fabulous, fabulous time!

Thanks, guys! I sure hope I'm equal to Iceland---I'm going to give it my best shot, you can be sure! Linda, I'll bring you back an Icelandic monkey. I'm sure getting it through customs will be a breeze.

You lucky dog, you! I have wanted to go to Iceland for years -- can't wait to see it through your eyes! Have big fun, as I know you will!

WOW this is going to be amazing!

Gorgeous photos! You are going to have an amazing time - and I really can't wait to see the work you do there!

Great photos, can't wait for watercolour sketches. Thanks for the enjoyment, love your blog, Don

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