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March 16, 2009


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David and Abby looks so beautifully content. Sometimes bad weather can be a great excuse to unwind. But I absolutely understand your frustration - I felt the same way all winter! I'm so sorry that the weather is behaving badly over there. You used your time well painting those shells, though. Your limited palette says so much - they seem translucent - and very very beautiful.

Erin go bragh! ;D

Lovely shells, Laura! Are they in sepia ink? So pretty! I had visions of you painting the puddles on your outside "loggia!" We sure have had a good bit of rain, haven't we? but it looks like all the buds are popping out even more, as a result, so that's a good thing. Look forward to wherever you're heading in quest of more water. David and Abby look comfy as can be here.

You don't want to hear that it's sunny and mild and that yesterday it was 70 degrees F here in London do you? Mind you I'm looking outside and thinking about all the rain we're bound to get again this summer!

Love the shells!

Good luck with getting to wherever it is.

I hope Dermott doesn't see your sketch - he's been told only little dogs are allowed on the couch. Gorgeous drawing, Laura. Good luck with the weather!

Oh, that's frustrating, but you used it to good effect as always, Laura - a lovely warm moment at home and light, delicate shells... beautiful!

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