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June 14, 2011


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Loving these. You get a real feel for the subtle energy of flowers through it.

Wow, that really does look like a Dufy - I love the freedom of these. Looking forward to the San Francisco sketches too!

these are just wonderful, not so sure who duffy is, but your work is fun and bright and lots to look at. Keep it up
peace n abundance,

Laura, Dufy's not a bad match, insn't he? I'm impressed by how abstract and loose your paintings are becoming. They are blooming with the garden.And you too, I'd say...

So lively, Laura! And I love all the color. What is that dark blue color in the top two with all the texturey look to it? Stunning. Have a great trip to SanFran.

Laura, These are fantastic. I love the confidence of your line work. This may have been a "minefield" but it is the only beautiful minefield I know of.

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