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June 03, 2011


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what wonderful drawings, they look like the wind is blowing the lines about, ready to take off. Brilliant to block out the white page with the cool background.May I ask if you used acrylics or gouache for that, and are you using paintbrushes or nibs for the drawings?

Oh my these are rich and intriguing...

Getting hot here too...my poor new crabapple thinks leaves should be yellow and dropping! The colors are lovely, but WRONG...

These are such beautiful sketches. They are designs in their own right! I love looking at them :0D

It is back to being chilly here, too. The flowers are cold when touched.

And I have finally posted some garden pictures, after being much hounded. Although if you go away for a month, weeds happen.

Lovely vigorous lines once again... naturally.

I'm wishing the opposite! It's too cold here to garden. My flowers are upset and shivering, and turning a little brown around the edges.
Yours are beautiful, though!
This would make a beautiful print, or T-shirt! I'd buy one, anyways:)

It's amazing how your brushstrokes look effortless and so full of energy at the same time! Lovely line variation!

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