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March 28, 2005


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Gorgeous ranunculus! My all-time favorite (and my wedding flower btw). ORANGE too! -- love that orange. Great work.


How synchronicitous! I have just adorned my dingy little apartment with a glorious bunch of saffron colored ranunculus with their thick, green curving stems, and I'm pretty much in love with them. (My florist managed to find yellow ranunculus in January for my bridal bouquet, too, for which I was gleefully grateful.) One of my favorite spring flowers, no doubt.

One of the things I miss most about living in San Diego are the huge fields of ranunculus...literally hills upon hills, covered with them in the spring. Thank you for the lovely reminder!

I love your flowers, and also the bracelet - taking something old and beloved, and having it made new by a friend. My father lived in Alaska for 16 years before he married my mother -- wish he had brought something like that for her! (strong suggestion: make your sketchbook pages commentable! or put the sketches here - it doesn't matter if you have ten posts in a day. It's nice, in fact.)

Banished - aaahhh. I say add these ranunculus into the mural - well worthy. Gardened a bit here today - mainly tidied up the primroses. We're going to finish off the Spring tidy up when John gets in from work tomorrow, and water in the nematodes that are still sitting in the fridge - Die you slugs! We're just hoping it won't be raining!

Oh darling L - these are truly gorgeous and I want to send a warm hug from a rather grey Paris.


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