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March 23, 2005


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Hiya Laura!

I had some time tonight, so i thought i'd stroll through some of your archieves... there's so many things i want to comment on, but this really spoke to me.

I just love how you did this series. I can see you miss her, but for now, your drawings are just as special.

Your drawings of Mollie are so lovely Laura. I did a similar few sketches of my wonderful dog, Sable, during her last weeks and wish I had done more while she was active and alert. Still, I'm glad I have them. I have a new dog now who I love very much and this is a wake up call to me to sit down and draw him NOW, not later!

Such a darling, in a sense, "our" Mollie. Your beautiful drawings capture her essence, bring her back into my heart. Thank you, dear Laura.

I didn't realize that these are sketches of Mollie, a dog that was yours. When I posted earlier and said I liked the sketches (I forgot on which thread), I didn't offer my condolences for this reason. Sorry, LaureAnne. The illustrations capture her essence so well; I'll bet she was a real sweetie.

Thanks to everyone for such warm and understanding comments.

what a sweet girl she obviously was. Your drawings are so evocative of a lovely spirit. I'm glad you have them and so glad you had her in your life and vice versa.

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