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March 30, 2005


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I am in awe! You are amazing! Your talent inspires me!
My favorite is House, Dream. Love it. Love them all! All the colors you use ! Etc!

Speaking as someone who can just barely draw a basic stick figure, it is fascinating to watch your progress.

Maggie, I really appreciate your encouragment. I am/was of two minds about posting all stages of mural progress because I thought it might be boring, but it really helps me to see it this way, so I'm glad you're interested, too. I'm hoping to be all finished by end of next Tuesday. I look forward to writing the post 'Mural accomplished.'

Wow. I love those hostas, and the yucca's do indeed look very professional green spears. Wonderful stuff, I have to say again how grateful I am that you are sharing your ongoing work. Thank you!

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