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April 18, 2005


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Hi Laureann,

what beautiful sketches you have created. I knew you had a real talent, and see that all the time you have been spending (away from mua) has definitely paid off for you. Gorgeous work.

I love this sketch! The colors are awesome. You are very talented, and I love seeing your work.
Julie, EDM

Another great job, you are so good at adding the 3-D to a watercolor. I am impressed.
patty, edm group

Ha, glasses are always my nightmare. I hate drawing people with glasses on! Nice sketch, though. The big case looks almost like a giant orange butterfly...

color is such a wonderful thing. (that comment is either inane or very, very deep) I love the whimsy of the case's orange and purple vs. the all-business angularity of the glasses. so nice, L.

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