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April 04, 2005


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Thank you, all of you, for the great feedback. This is for a client and it is on four walls of a small room, not counting door and built in cabinet.

I am echoing Julie here -- before this picture I thought you were doing 1/2 the room, now it looks like it is on all 4 walls?

At any rate, it is looking just stunning.

I love to see the progress you are making on this mural. I was wondering if you are painting this in your own home, or for someone. Does it go around the whole perimeter of the room? How long have you been working on it? It's beautiful...I especially love the orange-ish flowers. They are so bright and vivid...Great work!

You know there is light at the end and while you are in the tunnel! Bon courage - it is coming along beautifully.


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