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April 08, 2005


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WOW. I wasn't around when you did this, so I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to see the pics now. This is just incredible. I'd let you loose on my walls anytime. :o)

Gorgeous, gorgeous work - and I LOVE the frog! I'm here via Michele.

Wonderful! Where is this mural? Was it a comission? I missed that if you posted that!

Laura -- this is fantastic! Your love of painting and gardens are combined in such a beautiful way here. I've really enjoyed watching you do this! Are you going to post a big picture of it with the furniture? And, what room is next??? :-)

Laura, your mural is superb! Taken a lot of time, but definitely well spent! It has been really interesting to follow the work in progress, and thank you so much for sharing your trials and tribulations as well as the success. When I have my mega UK Lottery win I will commission you to adorn my home. But better not hold your breath for that! ;-)

I am just overcome by how fantastic your mural is.

Love it! I love the big puffy purple flowers in the corner and the glorious red flowers, whatever they are, and the toad by the light switch. Not bad at all, old pal, not bad at all.

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