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April 18, 2005


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Oh, I agree -- the line of cheery cherubims is great -- they all are, of course. Your drawing is very classical and confident! Looks like you had a nice trip, too!

Absolutely love that cherubic bunch of kids! It looks like a Reubens with the loose lines, exquisite and so very expressive lines. This could be framed and hung somewhere.

I love the melancholy young man with his ipod. Why is he melancholy, he has an ipod, for heaven's sakes, and I don't.

Since I have nothing more intelligent to add than my own consumer yearnings, will sign off.

Hi Tania! There seem to be a few glitches with typepad this morning. I've posted these in the sketchbook album so maybe you can see them better---and get more info if you want. The maudlin mass of merry miniature musicians is from Middleton Place plantation. Glad you asked?

Nice sketches, frenetic eras or not. (But for some reason the two sketches in the second column from the right don't load properly for me.) I especially love that crew of chubby children. What's that from?

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