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April 29, 2005


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Ooh,I hope it didn't hurt - I'm thinking of doing my footsies and oh I hope it doesn't hurt. And I like to draw my thumb. I have a thing about thumbs. I think thumbs have character. Maybe someday I'll have a coffee table book of famous people thumb drawings. Strange huh? Does this mean you'll be able to wear all those Sex in The City shoes I still can't pronounce?

Hello Laura, I rather think that your shoes are the same as the one that I was given when I broke my foot last May. I asked if I could have one for the other foot, and they wouldn't let me. :-( I'd have been prepared to pay for it. Meant that once I could actually bear weight on the foot a little that I walked lop sided as none of my shoes had exactly the same height.

Hope the tootsies are happy now, let's have a drawing of the improved feet! ;-)

your text entry is as nice as your sketch. i hope you're not in any pain and that everything went ok. =)

An orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in foot problems (as opposed to a podiatrist) did the job and, man, is he good. I'm really happy with the results and appreciate all the kind thoughts and comments from all quarters.

Just joking above- I hope your feet feel better.

Podiatry is the new pornography.

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