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May 25, 2005


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Take that, you smug Quaker!

as the mother of a 4 year old scottie I can remember similar incidents- in fact we are saved on a daily basis from passers-by, birds,our neighbors who seem so nice and, of course, the deadly squirrels.love the anecdote.

Very cute! Great drawings too! hee hee

What a sweetie she is! This post cracked me up! :-D

I think someone is seriously afflicted with puppy love here. And you can just scratch her belly for me. I'll leave the puppy belly sniffeling to mireille.

I knew I was going to love this. And I DO. This is selfish of me, but would you please rub your face on her puppy belly? There is no fragrance so sweet -- or skin so pink -- as that of puppy belly. And yes, L, I will continue our blogging ... if you do! I mean, you have parental responsibilities now. xoxoxoxoxo m

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