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May 26, 2005


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Sometimes I look at drawings and paintings of models and just cramp up thinking of being the model. I'm especially flummoxed by those works in which the captured pose or look seems especially ephemeral -- or frankly uncomfortable, like a turned head, a twisted posture, a raised arm. That first sketch on the left made me think of it -- I saw it was the quickest, lightest sketch, and that it was the most uncomfortable posture, and it made me feel all achy and shaky just thinking of standing like that!

Hi Janey! This Tuesday and if that doesn't work, this Thursday. Both are nighttime sessions so wouldn't post til next morning probably. I appreciate your support and interest.

You know I just keep coming back to these studies. They're very good. Each time I think a different one is my favorite. When's your next session? I'll be back the day after to see the new ones.

Janey, 'The Zen of Seeing' (which I found out about through a post of Karen Winters) is remarkable--a must- read for all artists, especially those who love to draw. Like Danny's 'Everyday Matters' it is indispensable and HUGELY inspiring. Glad you like the fig. drawings, btw.

Am I too late for the party? These are beautiful - the 2nd one especially. The shading is perfect. You can almost forget that it's not in color. And I do envy you the live model. I've never actually drawn from a realy person. Drawing reality is so much harder then from your imagination. And I ordered the Zen of Zeeing - the drawing on the cover alone is enticing enought to read it.

Laura -- these are great! I especially like the 4th one (on the far right). Your lines -- oh, I always love your lines! :-)

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