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May 29, 2005


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Thanks, D and K! I appreciate your comments, as always.
Detlef, hadn't thought of the vampire-repelling benefits, but now that you mention it.

Very cool, I like the effect. Dare, I say vampires beware.

Such a nice fluid, simple design. It works great with the printed background page. Lovely!

Yes, T, the paper had that linear design on it already. I loved working with it. And I've been meaning to see "Hero." Thanks for reminding me. Oh, and I do SO wish I had better handwriting, especially when I look at my journal pages.

Was the paper already printed with that texture? Great use of it. Thinking of Asian brushwork makes me think of the surreal scene in "Hero" in which a room full of scholars is shot to death with arrows while they stoically continue with their calligraphy. Good handwriting just doesn't get the same respect here.

No, I have one that takes cartridges ....

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