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May 22, 2005


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Yes, I realised that you always put colour on top of colour -- I've been trying to do that more lately, since I can see that it adds a needed depth to the painting. I do hope you'll try a step-by-step -- they're fun to see; even, I imagine, for people who already know what they're doing.

Nancy, thank you very much. I will try and do as you ask the next time I paint flowers from my garden. I'm already looking forward to sketching my monarda blossoms, which are spiky and ethereal. I glaze with watercolors, adding layer on top of color layer and that might account for what looks like complexity. I'm an oil painter, not a traditional watercolorist, so glazing is what occurs to me to do. There is some wet on wet at the end, but not much, just enough to get necessary color effects. I draw first with pencil or pen and, as I like process, I like having those marks, the beginning of the story, show.

I don't know why, but your flower pictures look so complicated that I always wonder how you've done them. At the same time they look very loose and easy (and brilliant and wonderful). I wonder if you'd consider taking step-by-step photographs sometime? This one is particularly amazing - so many colours. I love poppies, they have so many associations. In Flanders Fields, and opium farms up in the hills in Afghanistan... bloody, fleeting, gorgeous.

Thank you, R, N and V! Victoria, fields of poppies in northern France are a favorite memory of my childhood, too. Poppies have such an otherworldly air and yet they are simple and robust flowers. I love that paradox.

Dear L! I love your poppies series. They remind me of gorgeous poppies I saw in my great grandmother's garden, which is why they are among my favourite flowers. You captured their delicate beauty so well! I can just imagine the movement of their petals.

Oh this is so pretty L! Have a gorgeous day.


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