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May 31, 2005


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I love the transulcent quality of your washes. And this really shows in your ode to green entry. Lovely!

Harry, you old flatterer, you. Your work is brilliant and you know it ;D. And remember, it's not that easy being green.

Laura, i love how you did this peice in all greens. I must do that sometime. Of course, if my work looked this good, i might have already done it by now!!!!

Love it! ~ Big H

Green is, always will be my favorite color. And my favorite pen color is Limepeel Green - now can't you just see that color when you say the name. And there's linden green and yellow chartreuse and apple green and spruce green and moon white which is for some reason a green and I love those slippers - they're yummy. Only my toothbrush isn't green but my toothpase is. And I hope the model shows up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to those sketches.

Laura - I think this is an excellent exercise! I loved the yellow pages, and now I'm loving the green pages! By the way, if you want a dab of each of the DS quinacridones, e-mail me with your snail mail address and I'll send you a little pallette-full. Might as well try them out before you invest!

oh yes my favorite color, lovely emerald of the liquid soap bottle

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