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May 23, 2005


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I LOVE dogs!!! Unfortunitley, i am alergic... Which you'll clearly see in my next post!!!!

At any rate, this is wonderful. There is so much great work in this blog it's staggering for me.

I just love it!!!!

~ Big Harry =)

What a lovely portrait! They both look so happy. You're so good at this (which I've said before).

I really love this drawing. You really captured a lovely moment and it is so well done. You really have a lot of talent for drawing people. And congratulations on the new puppy. She is so adorable...I will be looking for some more drawings of her!

Chuck and all, thank you for your encouraging comments! I guess puppies are the univeral icebreaker, eh? Chuck, I look forward to seeing your golden's portrait.

I have a 5-year-old Golden. Best dog I've aver had. Your drawing reminds me that I need to paint a portrait of him. I'll have to let you know when it's online. BTW, you have great drawing skills.

Daughter: beautiful; Puppy: Adorable! :-)

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