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May 23, 2005


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Now that is one sweet looking puppy. And he's a very big puppy. Everytime I attempt to draw my cats, they move (on purpose) just to annoy the human. I like how the end of the page didn't stop you - you just kept on going. Now that's obsessive drawing. And I'll be back tomorrow for all those figure studies. I do hope the model shows up.

How beautiful is this picture! I love it. Its so sweet.

Beautiful human baby, beautiful new baby! Congrats on both :-)

Micki, It feels so good to have made you grin! Patty, I will get her signed up very soon for obedience classes, I promise! Kathleen, that link didn't work, but I'll find your drawings! N, I wish you were here--no, I wish I were there ;D. Maggie, thank you for your constant cheer from often grey (but no doubt charming) Liverpool. Thanks for everyone's welcoming and positive words!

Lovely drawing of a beautiful woman. Oh, and the dog's quite nice too. ;-) Congrats on your new family member. Hugs from rather grey Liverpool (but the Chelsea Flower Show is on the tele anyway, so wouldn't be gardening)

I have one big, hairy, needy Golden Retriever too. He's a big baby and demands constant attention, which we promptly give him.


Enjoy your new bundle of love!

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