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May 27, 2005


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Wow... I *love* those landscapes. Please do some more!

Tania!! Thank you for this comment. I think what you say is true--last year's stuff was pretty timid. I'm finding my way back to my core kind of drawing and painting. Thank you again for seeing and saying this.

Wow, what a difference! These older sketches are nice to look at and competent, but your most recent sketches are far more confident, with more life and personality. Comparing these older images with the poppies you drew last week is especially interesting. Your pictures are larger, looser, bolder with both line and color now. It's great to see.

Love your art! AND, I was delighted to see another Jesse Cook fan!!!

Dear L,

I love these drawings. The one of rolling hills made me positively wistful! You have a gift of capturing the mood of the scene so well that I feel as if I am seeing these hills myself, experiencing the breath of the wind on my cheeks and smelling the scents suffusing the air. Thank you for creating this wonderful moment for me, as I sit in a room, using computer at someone else's house, not nowhere near France! xoxo

If there's a heaven, it's in those landscapes.

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