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June 12, 2005


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I've only just started drawing people openly in public so yeah...it's all the back of people's heads... on the ferry...on the bus... Going to the movies was great though, whiling away the minutes sketching was so much fun instead of tapping my feet and wondering if people were going to sit too close and eat too much popcorn in an annoying open-mouth kind of breathy way.

Hurray for Hurricane Sketching!

I was wondering if anyone else had delt with the problem of people knowing you are drawing them. I'm never very good in that situation. But then again, maybe I would be braver if I were in a bar drinking a Hurricane!?

Great idea and great sketches.

Harry, you're such a pal. Thanks for your warm support. Wally, I know what you mean. I try to be mindful of others' reactions when I'm drawing and I also struggle with my own shyness at drawing in public. There's a balance to be struck, I think, among these competing considerations. Sometimes, not always, I get it right.

Boy, that's a problem that I struggle with constantly. I'm kinda reserved by nature, and reluctant to intrude and attract attention, especially since most people get stiff and self-conscious when they realize they're your subject. I end up drawing a whole lot more back-of-the-heads than I want to.

Laura, these sketches are some of my favorite style of drawing. I love each and every moment caught by your observations. This is not one of my strengths, but I hope to change that over time.

I love it Laura.

Big Harry

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