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June 12, 2005


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Wow..these are wonderful! You should find a gallery to show these for you, serious!

I really love this. You have captured a type of vulnerability in her and the way she looks to be behind the pattern of the paper? (the gold shapes)...Makes her look as though she is imprisoned in her feelings. Her expression is one of wonderment or angst. I truly love this one Laura!

MMMMMMmmmmmm. Echo echo echo all that's said above. Always a treat to visit your site - great ideas, inspiring execution.


It's ethereal and delicate, and just exquisite. I love the pattern behind the main image. The colors are soft and the red and green work well together. :)

This is beautiful! Using the patterned paper adds so much and was and inspired idea!

This may be my ABSOLUTE favourite of yours....amazing!!!

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