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June 09, 2005


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K and J, My buddy Linda is the one who hires the models and if she is staging auditions, she's keeping it to herself ;D.

Ditto on that audition process there. The reclining guy reminds of the Goya's The Naked Maja. Love the sofa and how the cloth drapes. Oh, of course the guy is really nice too ;> The 2 center ones are my favorite though - I can just see your pen moving quickly across the page. I like quick sketches best. They have an immediacy that puts you with the artist.

You know, I think the auditioning process (trying to decide on which guy to hire) could be as much fun as the drawing session.

I've been out of town since I posted these drawings but thanks so much for all the comments! Karen, the twenty minute pose is the far left one and that leaves the thirty minute one on the far right. Sheila, a couple of friends and I just got together and decided to hire a model for a couple of hours weekly. Maybe you could find a similar situation where you are? We use the downstairs studio of one of the three of us. It is working out well so far.

Wonderful drawings (as usual)! I love the briskness of the center two. You are doing so splendidly. I'm so happy for you!

These are wonderful! Love them all.

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