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June 23, 2005


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You do this soooooo well. I've never sketched the body like this in real life. I'm sure I will at some point but until then, i'm just going to enjoy your work.

I always enjoy seeing which details you choose to capture. Honestly, i'm sure i'd recognize these people if i bumped into them on the street.

Of course, i'd need to investigate they're genitals for accurate idenification. =0)

Tania, I thank you so much for your perceptive comments. Janey, can you be cloned? You are the ideal viewer and I am so tickled that you checked out the albums and took so much time to tell me what you thought. Lindsay and Kate, thank you! Lindsay, I think you must be referring to Nezbine/Laura M about the Watercolor sketchbook magazine--wouldn't want to take credit away from its rightful owner! Yes, I love New's new book.

Really lovely drawings. You make capturing human contours look effortless. Well done.

Laura, these are beautiful! I teach fashion design and when ever the models come in for a fitting, they are like members of a diferent species!
Don't you love Jennifer New's book?
And thanks so much for the referece to Watercolor sketchbook magazine. Its wonderful!

I'm sitting in front of my computer at 3:09 (not public at all but could be because my air conditioning is not feeling well and I'm wondering why I didn't sign up for the service this year darn) so what else should I do but go through your albums (since I wanted a good example as I'm doing mine).

*House, Dream - I like the color of the sky and the sort of squiggly lines all over the painting.*Lotus *Variation #6 - this is really, really nice. I like the dark background which you wouldn't think would be a calming color but here it is very much so.
*House, Scotland - again the sky is really beautiful.
*I like everything in the sketchbook but especially sallie drawing. The color is wonderful. The blue in her glasses repeated in her hair and clothes - excellent and she is very much a real person
*Yellow and peach lilies on blue-violet ground - the background is just the best color.
*Orange and blue shenanigans - Page 40 of your sketchbook - flirting birds - adorable.
*The usual suspects - I'll take a bite out the one with a chip on it's shoulder.

Now I've got to peel myself off the chair and have a discussion with my air conditioner (and it's like 90 something outside and it's only the beginning of summer).

Can I post something this long? Hit the post button and let's see.

You're doing great work in these live model sittings! Or standings. Or leanings. Or whatever they are. And it's true--beautiful people awaken some bizarre quality in the mind. They make you hyperaware. I wonder why that is? It doesn't matter if they're male or female, dark or pale, what have you. I'm sure the easy answer is that we think they're attractive, but I don't think it's that easy, since there's often a big gap between what I find sexually attractive and what is just beautiful. And so much of the beautiful thing depends on faces--why should we be so aware of a certain proportionality of facial features? It's beyond my understanding.

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