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June 28, 2005


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I'm glad to find your lovely artwork. I'll be back!

I love these.

Hey Laura,
I misseed this entry when I got back. That middle drawing is one of your best. I can't compare it to real life, because I wasn't there, but I can tell from the drawing that you captured something very real.

Have you considered oils yet?

We are all of us beautiful, thank you for showing us how beautiful your model was! Brave? I think she knows who she is.

Do your own thoughts ever get in the way of what you're seeing? The drawings are fantastic, however i'm very interested in what the model was thinking about during this process... Great job. One day i'm going to do this.

Thank you so much, Sheila, Karen, Felicia and Janey. I am certain she will model again for our little trio of artists!

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