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June 22, 2005


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Thanks everyone! I'm going to miss green, too, when it's gone. The pen is a Micron sienna one and it does look nice with the greens, doesn't it? I tend to use that one a fair amount in drawing, though I like my black ones, too.

just wonderful how you've captured the glass objects and I echo Amanda's comment, really like the red ink lines. These particular shades of green are my favorite !

Green has always been my favourite colour - you have done justice to it.

I'm going to miss green. xoxoxo Green has been very, very good to us.

I LOVE THE JUICER!!!! man, i really love how all the glass looks like glass. I might have to steal this concept.... I'm just soooo into it!

it all reminds me of something my mother used to say about the occasional left-overs: " just cut off the green parts, it's perfectly good"
Hey I have the same green juicer! Beautiful work. I really like it with the reddish pen.

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