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June 03, 2005


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Wonderful -- I especially like the face on the upper left. Makes me want to pet something.

I'm such a sucker for baby pictures - I just ooh and ahh no matter what the species. She looks much loved and isn't she lucky.

Thanks, Kathleen, Harry and Patty. Dogs are amazing people, that's for sure. Kathleen, I'm sorry you feel so lukewarm about Goldens ;D. I love them, too, but I cede second place to your enthusiasm for them!

Way too cute, and it makes me weak in the knees. This is not a good thing. I want to run out and bring home another furry Golden when I see stuff like this--or how about those catalogs from LL Bean with all those Goldens scattered throughout? Now see, this type of thinking could seriously push me over the edge into total insanity. One hugga-bear Golden Retriever certainly keeps me busy enough. Ahhhhh, but aren't they the sweetest things? I used to keep photos of Golden puppies plastered all over my refrigerator when my husband and I first met. It was an all-consuming need, want, obsession!!!! Years ago we moved into our first home with a closing date that fell at the end of November, and we picked up our first Golden Retriever December 3rd. I just couldn't wait to get my dog. I think I had my puppy before I had finished furnishing the house. We are now on our second Retriever... they just pull you right in with those expressive eyes. Enjoy this little beauty!

I wish i wasn't alergic to dogs... i miss them sooooo much. Love the drawings.

Big Harry

That pup Abby is such a cutie, and your sketches are so gentle! lovely!!

next week i am gonna check out your England and Paris photos - it will be a treat I am sure, happy weekend

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