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June 17, 2005


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Excellent drawings! This is hard stuff to do and you've got it knocked just right. Wish I could draw like that, loose and expressive with features placed correctly so the eye doesn't gravitate toward the too small feet, or the too big head, or the distortion of a foreshortened part. Really nice work!!

These are all great - just like the earlier ones. Wonderful stuff.

You are having fun with these studies aren't you? Artistically speaking of course. I like how you got his face. You can actually tell it's the same person. I envy people who can draw people who actually look like people.

Thanks, all, for your comments! Big Harry, you are very astute. This was a different drawing group and in an institutional setting, so, yes--he doesn't look as comfortable. But then, he could have been planning his next episode as he posed. Hard to tell. Chuck, sounds like you're still suffering from PTSD. T, do you know too much about your brother-in-law? Just askin'. Same goes for you, V, and your prof.

It could be just me, but he doesn't seem as comfortable possing this time versus last time.

I'm late to the post again, so all the good cmoments are taken.

I don't see a wedding ring on this guy. Perhaps he's shopping around...

For some reason, i'm strangely attracted to his bierd.

Great work as usual.
As for your sizing dilemma...I think typepad is keeping the horizonal measurement consistant while the depth varies. You can play around with the preferences. I have mine set so they run under one another rather than across.

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