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June 26, 2005


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Impressive! Well, I want to start growing dahlias in my garden. I found a clean and well-organized selection of dahlia tubers at http://www.lynchcreekdahlias.com/, and from these tubers, maybe, I could materialize my dahlia garden. So you could also include them in your art perhaps.

Absolutely beautiful! I love zinnias too.

I think the lined background gives this piece a lot of "life"... it adds so much energy! :) Great painting.

Thanks, you all. More fun with patterned paper. To be continued.

Ooo, I love Zinnias, I used to say they are my favorite but now I can't say which incredible flower is my favorite. I like your drawings. I've drawn Zinnias many times and they are fun to do.

Great flowers Laura. Don't know how you kept your eyes in your sockets, but good going.

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