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July 17, 2005


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Um... I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to say, but... Your Dad was HOT! LOL.

Your portraits of your parents are so sensitive. I always avoid portraits of people I know because I don't think I can see them with a clear eye, but these portraits are making me rethink that. Your love for your parents comes right out at the viewer and that is truely amazing.

Oh wonderful!!! When i look at drawings of this era, it always takes me to a different time. The things thier eye's must have seen!

I'm happy we live in these times, however i have so much repect for the ones who have lived before cell phones, cable tv, microwave ovens, and a zillion other things.

I can see that you strolled down memory lane in the last couple of weeks. They say thing remembered never die. I guess that's why we're so alive!!!

Big Harry

what wonderful drawings! i love your line. that aside, best wishes and improved health to your parents. you've captured something special here.


It is striking. How young he looked in his uniform! Like a baby! And pretty as a girl. And your young mother: sassy, a little coy, a sly half-smile, looking like a real woman already. Amazing to imagine the long decades between these people and the people in the drawings from the hospital, and everything that happens to make us into who we become. Best of luck to you and your mother, L.

Thank you, all. My mother is doing better than expected in some ways, but not in others. Your good wishes are most welcomed.

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