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July 07, 2005


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Dear sweet Laura, I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's accident and injury.
Best wishes to you and your family.

It's good she's recovering so well. You've shown a strength of character in her through your drawing.

I am so sorry to hear of this and hope that her healing is swift and complete. My husband's mother broke both her hips at various times, I know what you are going through and how it changes one's life completely. With fond thoughts of you both ... Karen

I'm glad your mom is on the mend-you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Laura, you draw your parents with such tenderness. Wishing fast healing for your mom & not too much confusion for dear dad. And you hang in there. ((((L))))

Beautiful drawings.
I am so happy to hear that your mother is better. Hope your father is coping too. Hope all gets well very soon.


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