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July 20, 2005


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D, I'd love to see what you'd do with patterned paper! Do you ever draw with ink? That might be somewhat easier than pencil. Thanks, Chuck, Cin, Victoria and Bela for your lovely comments.

love seeing them side by side and comparing the contrast in the effect of the different mediums. Both regal, but more stately and reserved (mysterious ?) in the patterned piece, and Kate123's wonderful comment about "priest and the confessor" really heightened that sense. So now I'm imaging all sorts of intrigue !

I MUST get some patterned paper....and then I must draw on it. I think you get great results with it, Laura.... certainly has inspired me to give this a go at some stage - though I'll have to think long and hard how it would work with just pencil/charcoal as opposed to paint.

You and that pen are good friends, huh? You put down your lines with such confidence.

I adore that painting, and your renditions of it. Really beautiful!

I am particularly impressed by the way you draw expressions, esp. eyes. They seem to be full of feeling, capturing the person well. I noticed it in your live drawings too.

My favourite is the quick sketch, which showcases your talent--in only 10 min you were able to achieve all of this! Most impressive!

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