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July 20, 2005


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Laura, thank you for the very detailed & informative answer! They are both lovely, and so surprised that the one on the right only took 10 minutes, but the one on patterned paper -- she really has a personality that comes through in the finished product.

Thank you, Robin. (Nina, let's talk after you get back. Sounds like a fun idea!) The sketch on the right was literally a sketch---done in about ten minutes just as a quick response to a painting I'd seen and loved. The one on the left is done in gouache, opaque watercolor, so right away there is a difference in strength of tint. The fact that I'm working against a deeply colored background does mean that I've got to use more and darker pigments ( or white that is more opaque to establish color and tone contrast.) Here, too, I've spent more time. With gouache you can paint over mistakes (which you can't do with regular watercolors) or paint layer after layer to enhance opacity or deepen hue. This one lacks the spontaneity of the quick sketch, but it was a different sort of thing from the outset. I worked on it on and off between visits to my parents, so can't really say how long it took me. I hope this has answered your questions. If not, let me know!

L, can you explain to me what it is about the patterned paper that gives that version so much more force? Is it just that you used more color to compensate for the pattern?

Anyway, agree with Nina, have really loved everything you have done on patterned paper.

I agree with Kate123 about the pattern. I think your works on patterned pieces are my favorites. When I get back from vacation I may talk to you more about a commission....(have to see what money I have left!) I actually thought about some kind of likeness of myself on the patterned paper but as if I lived in the 1800's! What do you think? lol

If only I had the words as you have the color, and the line. Lovely.

Thank you, Amanda--one of my earliest memories (I must have been 3) is of drawing my older brother. I thought I really 'got' him, freckles, round face and all. I was so thrilled. Hands have been something I've really worked at and could always improve!
Miss Kate, I've never been to a priest for confession, but I find that visual analogy really interesting.

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