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July 01, 2005


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You did such a wonderful job on these! I hope I can do so well someday-practice, practice, practice! I think you did a nice job capturing that rounded childness in their faces.

Kids are hard to draw! I don't know why, but they are. Maybe it's because they move around so much. They have awesome, but fleeting facial expressions too. And they have such vitality, I find it hard to capture. Whenever I try to draw Danny from life it comes out awful. But I can draw him from a photograph.

What a wonderful oppoortunity - and one which you have been able to use so well. Wonderful mini-portraits here and I look forward to seeing more

amazing that they held still for you ! The second one especially beautiful. Did you show them the drawings afterwards and what did they think ? And then did they get to draw you ?!

(and many thanks Laura for your very generous comment to me)

L, every time i drop in here, i see something amazing! Those children - so open, eager - you did a super job with them!

Great drawings Laura! Aren't kids funny? They just love to pose at that age.

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