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July 31, 2005


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Dear Kate, the broom was for encouraging an out-the-door movement! The silly salamander showed up yesterday, making a beeline through the dining room to the bedroom part of the house. Husband picked him up and placed him outside. Tout est bien qui finit bien.

All I can think about is you must not hurt the salamander with a broom and you must put it outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Sorry. Now I want some red sunflowers, a blue salamnder and some eggs too. I'm so suggestible. :-)

Well I think he's a very nice blue and I hope he's ok. I'm always chasing after my cats when they chase after those little guys. I love how you posted 3 very different sketches with different font colors too. And I just noticed that they're all 3 different perspectives too. Neat!

Eh, my shadows never look right, probably because we eat in such dark restaurants...

I never knew there were red sunflowers. Thanks for letting me enjoy them through your fabulous drawing of them. I love your drawings/paintings..your line work is so wonderful.

About the salamander..he looks cool. My brother used to have chamelions (?spelling). They weren't mean or anything so I think a salamander might be fun...well maybe not surprised by one but if I was warned first:-) If you see a lizard in real life sometimes it can mean to pay attention to your dreams.

Your breakfast looks great. Love the coloring and everything about this.

Hi A! Glad you're back! Thanks for the nice comment. I look forward to drawing together, too! I start off fast, usually, but slow down towards the finish line.

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