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July 28, 2005


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Beautiful Laura! Wish I could do glassware like that! :o)

Laura, I'd wondered if you were going to let the breakfast drawing stand in as your "glass" drawing, and I'm glad to see that you didn't! Beautiful as always, and I particularly like how you captured the air bubbles in the smaller glass! (and BRILLIANT to combine the whole thing with your blue period ...)

Since you were the inspiration for this week's challenge I'm so glad that you did some more! They turned out wonderfully!

Thank you, L and M! And M, thank you especially for reminding me of the concept of wabi-sabi and telling me about the spirit-conducting properties of imperfection! I will still probably try to correct my ellipses, but don't worry--- plenty of imperfection will be left to satisfy any restless spirits cruising for a place to squeeze through.

I recently read of Wabi-sabi, a Japanese term for the beauty that lies in imperfection ... and don't some aboriginal peoples actually build imperfection into their art, to let spirit flow through. or as if to denote God's acknowledgement that "a human made this." Regardless, your glasses are beautiful. xoxo

Laura, you have captured the weight and feel of glass. These are beatuiful.

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