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August 14, 2005


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I love the way you interpret flowers. Wonderful as always!!!!!!!

i love the bouquet - the delicate lines and the quick daubs of color. it's perfect.

Thanks, guys, for taking the time to write your reactions---I really appreciate it. Cin, the flower pieces are always such a surprise to me. I just sit down in front of them and start to draw. It feels a little like being a conduit. I'm happy that you like them.

Laura, I wish I had words to tell you what effect your flower sketches have on me. They are the most incredibly joyous combination of line and color . . . . this one in particular is stunning.

Beautiful as usual. My favorite part is that you included the broken stem on the left of the flower still life.

I would have been to anal and taken it out. Too many years as an Art Director I guess. But the broken stem completes the composition and gives the piece it's depth.

As usual - awesome.

I love the delicate lines and bright lively colours in this drawing. The flowers look so beautiful. This drawing reminds me of the delicate embroideries my grandmother used to do. She adored colour and flowers in particular. The cafe people are wonderful as usual. :o)

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