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August 18, 2005


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Yay, my favorite color from my favorite artist! Just beautiful, L.

Oh this is very beautiful! I love the purple color and the subtle shadows. Did you use pen with sepia ink? Cheers.

Artichokes: world's greatest thistle. I've never seen ones so purple! I like the way you've streaked them with orange, to give the eye something to grip. Lovely. If I ever write a food book, would you illustrate? :)

Those are really lovely!

Thanks, Chuck and Kathleen and Victoria. I was thrilled when I saw them. Chuck, I'd never seen purple artichokes before either, but I 'd also never seen purple cauliflower before this spring, when they had some at my local farmers' market. Your cupboard fronts inspired me to paint these. Luckily, I have a patient husband. It was lateish before we sat down to dinner ;D.

I have never seen purple artichokes. These are beautiful.

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