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August 28, 2005


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So much vitality... Can't imagine people wouldn't like them!

I had no idea this was pencil. More, please. (With all the steps!)

Thanks for the pencil info. I thought it was ink! That actually makes more sense with watercolor and being able to earase. Cool beans~!

Thank you, everyone. T, I got carried away as I was finishing and forgot to take pix! N, I use an 8b pencil for drawing and it does smear, but that is what kneaded erasers are for ;D. I should go back and spray the drawing now--thanks for reminding me.

What do you use for the black outline? Does it ever smear on you? Oh, by the way, absolutely stunning. I love your florals. Always.

Pretty, pretty I can smell them (and even unscented flowers smell clean) - sad to see summer season things go but don't you think autumn is more abundant? The hedgerows around here are groaning with blackberries (hence my inky-stained fingers and scratched hands) and the strawberries are giving way to damsons .... mmmmm

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