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August 19, 2005


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You are REALLY good at those. I so suck at blind contour drawing. It is much harder than it seems it should be!

I actually think I stopped drawing when I had a drawing teacher who made us do blind contour drawings ALL THE F'ING TIME. Like for 3 hours on end, every day. And never allowed us to do anything else. I hated it! I never knew what a control freak I actually am until that class! :-)

I guess I can't trust my ability to draw without seeing what I'm drawing as I go along and make corrections. I can't relax so they just come out awful.

This blind contour is terrific. Your lines have such a nice flow and wonderful energy!

Thank you E, J and T! I painted blind, right after drawing. This kind of drawing makes me deliriously happy somehow.

I missed BC (toothache took control). Those candleabras look straight out of Beauty and the Beast. I like the 2nd portrait best - it's amazingly balanced for BC. I guess it's that old instinct thing.

Love both the Candelabra and potrait. Actually, the potrait dwgs don't look like Dobby at all, no socks and pointy ears :) I just love the strong character that the BC technique produces. Love the subtle colors that you used for the candelabra. By the way, did you add the colors afterward or did you apply them blind too (I am not very sure here)? :) Cheers.

What fun! The results are surprisingly *stylized* looking, even though with your eyes off the paper, how could you style it this way? Agree with others, candelabra drawings are particularly fun. The way the colors are offset from the lines reminds me of certain mod graphics from a Looney Tunes sort of era...wish I could remember what I'm referring to, but if it's as fun to draw as it is to look at, you must be having a blast.

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