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August 24, 2005


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Thank you for your comments, everyone! The rationale behind the no-sketching policy at Biltmore House is that they want to protect against people making commercial versions of their art pieces. I've never had this problem in Europe or at any of the many art museums I've sketched at here in the US, so I was surprised to be told I couldn't do it there. Oh well, I managed to get permission anyway, but I won't be going back.

I haven't been here in a few days (busy at work) and I get here to find all kinds of great stuff.

Congrats on your mini break. It was def. good for your sketch book.

I am glad you supressed your Volga Boat song bellowing tendencies to present us with these marvelous sketches. :)

LOL-now I can't get the image out of my mind....you disruptive sketcher you!

I thought of you last night when I saw a little quote in our local paper about the colour purple:
God gets ticked off when you walk by something purple and don't notice it.
Anita Walker.

I thought it was ironic because I know one soul, (you) desperately trying to notice everything purple!

gorgeous! all of them! nice to take time to get away and draw a little bit, huh? (not that I would know of course)

Hey what happened to the summit report? I'm waiting for pics and doodles and text ...oh my!

These are really marvelous! I think the lion is my favorite because he looks so majestic, but all the sketches have such wonderful detail. Impressive:>

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