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August 16, 2005


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OK now I am totally intimidated about Saturday. How do you find the time to produce such a great volume of work? It's wonderful.

You know what a big fan I am.

I hope these will make your bag'o'books for saturday. I want to obsorb every page. I just love looking through the books of other artists and seeing somegthing completely different on every page.

I admire what you've have done here and I hope to do the same someday. I just love it.

Now, i'm also going to insist on seeing more of these studio shots young lady...

I hope the photo of the sketchbooks is just a "teaser" till Saturday!!

Thanks, all! Linda, I can't remember where I got that shelf. My studio is a smallish room (used only for art) that I lobbied for when we were building the house. With four children in our blended family, we needed lots of bedrooms, so my workspace size suffered. But I'm so grateful to have it! The sketchbooks are Canson Blank Books, 7 x 9 cream colored paper. I forget the weight, but the paper is sturdy enough to take a lot of punishment. I've tipped in all sorts of papers, too.

That's an impressive stack of sketch books there Laura! Love the glimpse into your work area too. Is this area dedicated just to your art or is it a combined function area? I'm afraid my art shares with my study, and there's not enough room in here for one, let alone two interests. :o) Looking forward to seeing more of what you do with your purples. :o)

Do we have twin houses? I noticed the wood pieces on the wall behind your desk and recognize them as (I'm almost positive!) old shelf supports. My little space has the exact same thing -- a huge closet that used to have floor to ceiling shelves, but the lower ones were removed to make room for my desk and drawing light. Did I guess right?
Also, where ever did you get those gorgeous sketchbooks? Are they handmade?
Wonderful drawing, as always ... I love purples; you're right, though, the yellow and orange family are good helpers! :-)

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