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August 01, 2005


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Another beautiful daughter! L, you are so blessed--prodigious talent and daughters who must inspire you daily. I love how you've captured how K is quite different from C. Here in the portrait on the left she looks patient with her arms softly crossed, her upper body is at ease, and she seems to be quietly lost in thought. Just lovely work.

Are we going to get a portrait of your DH, too? And do not forget the self-portrait, my dear! An essential for all artists of remarkable talent.

Hugs and love! xoxo~~~

You are so sure with your lines--I would have been fussing them all over until all the personality and vitality were scribbled out. She doesn't look distracted as she looks away--or absorbed in something else--she looks self-conscious, with that funny not-smile of people who know they're being looked at. I know--it's the look I get on my face sometimes, and I can't help it. :)

I guess both are K at different ages. Esp. love the one of her as an adult. :-)

Thanks so much, my faithful commenters! J, figure drawings will resume in late August when the three of us are all back in town. Stay tuned! Chuck, you are perceptive AND wickedly talented? No fair! Big H, thank you for your restraint in not spilling the beans ;D. You KNOW I'll miss her like crazy, but you've gotta let them go. Sort of. Big hugs to buddies V and N.

Love these drawings. Is this K?


Great drawings! The first one looks like she is either waiting very patiently for you to be done, or thinking about something and being rather lost in the thought. I love the second drawing of her as a child, because you captured innocence and sweetness so well.

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